Pig DNA Fluorescence PCR Kit
Pig DNA Fluorescence PCR Kit
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This series of products is designed for the identification of animal-derived components based on the sequence differences in the cytochrome oxidase subunit b (cytb) gene of mitochondrial DNA among different species.

Product Description

This kit utilizes a pair of specific primers for pig mitochondrial DNA, along with a specific fluorescent probe. It incorporates components such as thermostable DNA polymerase (Taq enzyme) and four deoxynucleotide triphosphates (dNTPs), leveraging PCR technology to amplify the conserved genes of pig mitochondrial DNA. Additionally, it employs an external standard method to detect mitochondrial DNA in samples.

The detection limit for DNA is 0.0001 ng/μl.


This kit demonstrates no non-specific amplification when tested on specimens from cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits.


Reagents and Materials to be Prepared by the User

  1. 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes, 8-strip or individual PCR tubes.
  2. Pipettors and pipette tips (to avoid cross-contamination between samples, please use filtered pipette tips).
  3. Disposable gloves, protective equipment, and paper towels.
  4. Benchtop microcentrifuge (compatible with rotors for 1.5 ml and 2 ml centrifuge tubes).
  5. Vortex mixer.
  6. This kit is suitable for use with ABI7000, StepOne™, StepOnePlus™, or other similar fluorescent quantitative detection instruments.


Preparation Before Use

  1. Sample Processing (Sample Processing Area)

Process the samples strictly according to the enclosed operation manual provided with the kit.

  1. Amplification Reagent Preparation (PCR Preparation Stage)

Retrieve the PCR master mix and Taq enzyme from the kit. Allow them to thaw at room temperature, mix well by vortexing, and perform a brief centrifugation to bring the reagents down to the bottom of the tubes.

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