DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Capacity Assay Kit
DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Capacity Assay Kit
DPPH自由基清除能力检测试剂盒 Micro-method
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Extract: Liquid 80 mL × 1 bottle, 4 ° C preservation;

reagent one: No water ethanol 30 mL × 1 bottle, self-preparation, room temperature;

Reagent 2: powder × 1 (0.6 mL \u0026 nbsp; EPT is placed in an 8 mL reagent bottle), 4 ° C. 4.05 ml of the reagent was added to the oscillate, and the incomplete reagent can be stored in January at -20 ° C. It is recommended to store the preservation; according to the test according to the expenses before the test, according to the reagent 2: A (V: V) \u003d The proportion of 4:21 is formulated into a working fluid. It is now used. It can be stored for one week with the incomplete working fluid;

reagent 3: powder × 1, 10 mg vitamin C, 4 ° C Preservation of light; 1 ml of extract is added before, and dissolved in full oscillate; EtOAc EtOAc.

Product Description:

DPPH free radicals a very stable nitrogen center free radical, S One of the important indicators of the anti-oxidation capacity, widely used in antioxidant food, health products and drugs.

DPPH free radical has single electrons, and the alcohol solution is purple, and there is strong absorption at 515 nm. When there is an antioxidant, the DPPH free radical is removed, and the color of the solution is shallow, and the absorbance of 515 nm is lowered, and the change in the absorbance in a certain range is proportional to the extent of free radical clearance. In this kit, the ability to reflect the S this clearance of DPPH free radicals by decreased absorbance.

Agential Experimental Supplies:

Constant temperature water bath, visible spectrophotometer / enzyme label, Trace glass cuvette / 96-well plate, desktop centrifuge, anhydrous ethanol, mortar / crusher, drying box, 30 ~ 50 mesh sieve and distilled water.

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