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SEN0186 TypeI
Alias: 肌酸激酶(兔肌)
Validity:1 Year
CAS No.:9001-15-4
SEN0188 Streptokinase
Alias: 链激酶
Validity:2 Years
CAS No.:9002-1-1
SEN0189 Pancreatin
Alias: 胰酶
Validity:2 Years
SEN0197 cellulase
Alias: 纤维素酶
Validity:1 Year
SEN0198 Lysostaphin
Alias: 溶葡球菌酶
CAS No.:9011-93-2
SEN0057 Thrombin from bovine plasma
Alias: 凝血酶 Cabering enzyme; Factor IIA
CAS No.:9002-04-4
SEN0052 Phosphoglucomutase
Alias: 磷酸葡萄糖变位酶 Earthworm enzymes; wrap kinase; phosphate glucose variable enzyme; phosphate glucose variable enzyme
Validity:5 Years
CAS No.:9001-81-4
SEN0122 3-Phosphoglyceric Phosphokinase
Alias: 3-磷酸甘油酸激酶
SEN0032 Hemicellulase
Alias: 半纤维素酶
Validity:1 Year
CAS No.:9025-56-3
SEN0031 Hyaluronidase
Alias: 透明质酸酶 Hyaluronoglucosaminidase. Hyaluronate 4-Glycanohydrolase
Validity:2 Years
CAS No.:37326-33-3
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