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SLPCR229 2 ×Taq PCR Master Mix
Alias:It is suitable for routine PCR amplification, various DNA markers, gene scanning based on PCR technology and addition A of terminal PCR products
Validity:Two Years
SLPCR230 2×SYBR Green PCR Mastermix
Alias:Quantitative Real-time PCR Kit;Realtime PCR Kit;RT-PCR Kit
Validity:One Year
SLPCR231 Bovine DNA fluorescence PCR kit
Validity:Two Years
SLPCR236 African Swine Fever Virus DNA Fluorescent PCR Kit
Validity:12 months
SLPCR232 Chicken-derived DNA fluorescence PCR kit
Validity:24 months
SLPCR233 Donkey-derived DNA fluorescent PCR kit
Validity:12 months
SLPCR234 Mouse DNA fluorescence PCR kit
Validity:12 months
SLPCR235 Duck DNA Fluorescence PCR Kit
Validity:12 months
SLPCR237 Pig DNA Fluorescence PCR Kit
Validity:24 months
SLPCR238 Horse-derived DNA fluorescent PCR kit
Validity:12 months
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