PCR Detection Kit for Mycoplasma Penetrans
PCR Detection Kit for Mycoplasma Penetrans
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Store at -20°C in the dark and avoid repeated freezing and thawing when transported at 2-8°C. Without repeated freezing and thawing, the shelf life is one year.


Mycoplasma Penetrans, also translated as Mycoplasma penetrans or Mycoplasma penetralis, is an intracellular parasitic bacterial pathogen that has so far only been found in Found in humans. Penetrating mycoplasmas infect humans in the urogenital and respiratory tracts, and the main virulence factor is their structure. It looks like an elongated flask with a tip-like structure at one pole of the cell that helps it penetrate eukaryotic cells, hence the name penetrating mycoplasma. It was first isolated from urine samples of human immunodeficiency virus -infected patients and was later found to be isolated from patients with primary antiphospholipid syndrome and not infected with HIV, indicating that penetrating mycoplasma can People who don't have HIV get sick. Penetrating mycoplasma may worsen the HIV-infected immune system because it is a cofactor in the development of HIV infection. Among people without HIV infection, penetrating mycoplasmas may be the primary cause of some forms of human urethritis and respiratory disease.

Since Mycoplasma penetratum is a parasite, even if a specific immune response is present, they It will also continue to colonize the host, and its mechanism of evading the host immune response is unclear. However, studies have shown that many mycoplasma species can modify their surface antigen molecules at a high frequency, which may help to avoid host immune attacks.

Both in vitro culture methods and PCR methods can be used to detect penetrating mycoplasma. In vitro culture method is a classic detection methodmethod, but it takes a long time, while using the PCR method has the advantages of high sensitivity and strong specificity, and the detection time is short, and the results can be obtained in just a few hours.

The Mycoplasma penetrating PCR detection kit selects a sequence of the 16S rRNA gene for Identified by PCR, the primers were verified by BLAST to specifically target penetrating mycoplasma and have no cross-reaction with the genomes of other organisms. This kit was used to detect 21 species of mycoplasma and 4 species of Gram-negative and positive bacteria, and only penetrating mycoplasma produced specific bands. It can be seen that this kit is species-specific and can be used for the identification and detection of penetrating mycoplasma.

This kit is for scientific research only.






穿透支原体(Mycoplasma Penetrans),也有译作穿通支原体或渗透支原体,是一种细胞内寄生的细菌性病原体,迄今为止仅在人类中发现。穿透支原体在泌尿生殖道和呼吸道感染人类,主要毒力因子是其结构。它看起来像一个细长的烧瓶,在细胞的一个极点有尖端状的结构,帮助它穿透真核细胞,因此得名穿透支原体。它最早是从人类免疫缺陷病毒(HIV)感染患者的尿液样品中分离获得,后来发现患有原发性抗磷脂综合征并且未感染HIV的患者也可分离得到,这表明穿透支原体可以对没有HIV的人致病。穿透支原体可能会使HIV感染的免疫系统恶化,因为它是HIV感染发展过程中的辅助因子。在没有HIV感染的人当中,穿透支原体可能是一些形式的人类尿道炎和呼吸道疾病的主要原因。



穿透支原体PCR检测试剂盒选取了16S rRNA基因的一段序列进行PCR鉴定,引物经BLAST验证为特异性靶向穿透支原体,与其他生物的基因组无交叉反应。使用本试剂盒检测了21种支原体及4种革兰氏阴性和阳性细菌,仅有穿透支原体产生特异性条带。可见本试剂盒具有物种特异性,可用于穿透支原体的鉴定和检测。





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