PCR Detection Kit for Mycoplasma Salivarium
PCR Detection Kit for Mycoplasma Salivarium
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Store at -20°C in the dark and avoid repeated freezing and thawing when transported at 2-8°C. Without repeated freezing and thawing, the shelf life is one year.


Mycoplasma Salivarium can be found in the oral cavity of 97% of healthy people. It is generally considered to be a commensal organism and is a normal oral organism. Part of the bacterial flora that preferentially resides in dental plaque and gingival sulcus. However, further research shows that Mycoplasma salivarius may be involved in diseases such as eye and ear diseases, oral infections, septic arthritis, and periodontal disease, and can be found in brain abscesses, biliary stents, synovial fluid of patients with chronic arthritis, and antibiotic resistance. It may also play a role in reducing the body's immune response to pathogens, leading to the occurrence of opportunistic infections. Mycoplasma salivarius has been reported to exist within the epithelial cells of oral leukoplakia and oral lichen planus, but its pathogenic mechanism remains unclear.

In vitro culture methods, serological methods and PCR methods are all available For the detection of salivary mycoplasma. In vitro culture method is a classic detection method, but it takes a long time and the sensitivity of serology method is low. The use of PCR method has the advantages of high sensitivity and strong specificity, and the detection time is short and can be obtained in just a few hours. result.

The Mycoplasma salivarius PCR detection kit selects a sequence of the 16S rRNA gene for PCR Identification, primers were verified by BLAST to specifically target salivaMycoplasma spp. has no cross-reactivity with the genomes of other organisms. This kit was used to detect 13 types of mycoplasma related to cell culture, and only Mycoplasma salivarius produced specific bands; 98 cell culture samples confirmed to be contaminated by Mycoplasma were tested, and 8 samples contaminated by Mycoplasma salivarius were identified. It can be seen that this kit is species-specific and can be used for the identification and detection of salivary Mycoplasma.

This kit is for scientific research use only.






在97%的健康人的口腔可发现唾液支原体(Mycoplasma Salivarium),它通常被认为是一种共生生物体,是口腔正常菌群的一部分,优先居住在牙菌斑和牙龈沟中。然而进一步的研究显示,唾液支原体可能牵涉到眼和耳的疾病、口腔感染、脓毒性关节炎和牙周病等疾病,并且可以从脑脓肿、胆道支架、慢性关节炎患者的滑液、抗生素耐药患者的胸膜腔、以及灵长类动物中分离出来,它还可能在降低机体对病原体的免疫应答方面发挥作用,导致机会性感染的发生。有报道在口腔粘膜白斑和口腔扁平苔藓的上皮细胞内存在唾液支原体,其致病机制尚不清楚。


唾液支原体PCR检测试剂盒选取了16S rRNA基因的一段序列进行PCR鉴定,引物经BLAST验证为特异性靶向唾液支原体,与其他生物的基因组无交叉反应。使用本试剂盒对13种与细胞培养有关的支原体进行检测,仅唾液支原体产生特异性条带;对98份确定有支原体污染的细胞培养样品进行检测,鉴别出8个被唾液支原体污染的样品。可见本试剂盒具有物种特异性,可用于唾液支原体的鉴定和检测。




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