Probe-quantitative Real-time PCR Kit for Mycoplasma Hominis
Probe-quantitative Real-time PCR Kit for Mycoplasma Hominis
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Store in the dark at -20℃, transport at 2-8℃, valid for one year. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.



Kit Features:

1. Specific detection of Mycoplasma hominis without cross-reaction with other biological genomes.

2. High sensitivity, the lowest detection limit is 7 copies per reaction.

3. The DNA polymerase used has the characteristics of strong anti-inhibition ability and good thermal stability; using hot start method, it can Inhibit non-specific amplification and reduce background fluorescence.

4, with positive control sample, which can be used to test the effectiveness of the kit.

5. With UDG enzyme and dUTP, it can reduce the contamination of residual DNA.

Mycoplasma hominis is a pleomorphic Gram-negative bacterium that can be spherical, filamentous and irregular in shape. The minimum diameter is about 80 to 100 nanometers, the maximum diameter is about 0.5 to 1 micron, and the average diameter About 0.2 to 0.3 microns, it is a common conditional mycoplasma found in humans and primates. Mycoplasma hominis can live as a commensal bacteria in the urogenital tract and can also be found in the respiratory tract. It lives a parasitic and saprophytic life in the host and can cause a variety of infections, such as: pelvic inflammatory disease, post-abortion fever, postpartum fever, external genital infections in immunosuppressed people, and meningitis, pneumonia and abscesses in newborns. Mycoplasma hominis has three energy production pathways, including glycolysis, arginine hydrolysis, and riboflavin metabolism.

In vitro culture method is the traditional detection method for Mycoplasma hominis, but this method is relatively Slower, takes 2-5 days, has lower sensitivity, and is easily contaminated by other microorganisms. Sometimes it is necessary toCumbersome microscopic observation. These shortcomings often result in serious waste of time. The PCR method used to detect Mycoplasma hominis has higher sensitivity and better specificity, is not affected by contamination from other microorganisms, and has a short detection time, and the results can be obtained in just a few hours. Compared with conventional PCR method, quantitative PCR method can not only accurately quantify, but also be more convenient to operate and less affected by environmental pollution.

This kit selects the highly conserved membrane protein translocase gene as the target , can specifically identify Mycoplasma hominis, and has been verified by BLAST to have no cross-reactivity with other biological genomes. Detected 13 kinds of mycoplasma and 31 kinds of bacteria, no specific reaction. Among 153 genitourinary tract samples, 108 were detected positive for Mycoplasma hominis, and the culture method detected 98 positive for the first time. Repeated testing with frozen samples confirmed that the other 10 were also positive, which shows that the sensitivity of this kit is high. In the cultivation method. The PCR method that targets gap gene and 16S rRNA gene has some small mutations in the target region of these two genes, resulting in the inability to identify some strains or reduced sensitivity. However, the target region of this kit has been tested for decades. Sequencing of each strain confirmed that it contained no mutations.







1, 特异性检测人型支原体,与其他生物基因组没有交叉反应。

2, 灵敏度高,最低检测极限为每反应7个拷贝。

3, 使用的DNA聚合酶具有抗抑制能力强和热稳定性好的特点;采用热启动方式,可抑制非特异性扩增,降低背景荧光。

4, 带有阳性对照样品(组分C),可用于检验试剂盒有效性。

5, 带有UDG酶和dUTP,可降低残留DNA的污染。


人型支原体(Mycoplasma Hominis)是一种多形性革兰氏阴性菌,可呈球形、丝状和不规则形状,最小直径约80至100纳米,最大直径约0.5至1微米,平均直径约0.2至0.3微米,是一种人类常见的条件性支原体,可发现于人类和灵长类动物。人型支原体可作为共生菌生活在泌尿生殖道,在呼吸道也可发现其存在。它在宿主中营寄生和腐生生活,能引起多种感染,如:盆腔炎症,流产后发热,产后发热,免疫抑制人群的外生殖器感染,以及新生儿的脑膜炎、肺炎和脓肿等。人型支原体有三种能量产生途径,包括糖酵解、精氨酸水解和核黄素代谢。


本试剂盒选择高度保守的膜蛋白移位酶基因作为靶点,可以特异性识别人型支原体,经BLAST验证,与其他生物基因组没有交叉反应。检测13种支原体和31种细菌,无特异性反应。在153个泌尿生殖道样品中,检测出108个人型支原体阳性,而培养法第一次检测出98个阳性,用冻存样本重复检测后证实另10个也为阳性,可见本试剂盒灵敏度高于培养法。以gap基因和16S rRNA基因为靶点的PCR方法,由于这两个基因在靶点区域有一些小的突变,导致一些菌株不能识别或灵敏度降低,而本试剂盒的靶点区域,经数十个菌株的测序证实不包含突变。



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