Probe-quantitative Real-time PCR Kit for Mycoplasma Felis
Probe-quantitative Real-time PCR Kit for Mycoplasma Felis
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Store in the dark at -20℃, transport at 2-8℃, valid for one year. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.



Kit Features:

1. Specific detection of Mycoplasma felis without cross-reaction with other biological genomes.

2. High sensitivity, the lowest detection limit is <10 copies in the reaction solution.

3. The DNA polymerase used has the characteristics of strong anti-inhibition ability and good thermal stability; using hot start method, it can Inhibit non-specific amplification and reduce background fluorescence.

4, with positive control sample, which can be used to test the effectiveness of the kit.

5. With UDG enzyme and dUTP, it can reduce the contamination of residual DNA.

There are many types of mycoplasma that can Parasitized in cats, it can be divided into hemophilic and non-hemophilic types based on whether it infects red blood cells. Infections of the respiratory tract belong to the non-haemophilic category, the most important of which is Mycoplasma felis . Mycoplasma felis is pathogenic to both cats and horses. It can cause purulent conjunctivitis, upper respiratory tract infection, arthritis in cats, and is associated with lower respiratory tract disease, ulcerative keratitis, and chronic sinusitis. Mycoplasma felis is rarely found in eye swabs of healthy cats, but is prevalent in eye swabs after inoculation of cats with conjunctivitis. M. felis is absent from the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of healthy cats and is present as a normal flora in the oropharynx of approximately one-third of cats; among institutionalized cats, M. felis in oropharyngeal swabs is associated with upper respiratory tract related to infection.

Mycoplasma felis associated with sudden cough, runny nose, fever in horses or associated with an outbreak of lower respiratory tract disease. Mycoplasma felis can cause respiratory disease in horses and is inoculated intoPleurisy can occur in the horse's throat, and Mycoplasma felis can be isolated from horses with pleurisy or lower respiratory tract disease.

The traditional method for detecting Mycoplasma felis is to culture it in vitro and then use specific serum for identification , can only be done in a few laboratories and is extremely time-consuming, taking several weeks. The use of PCR method for detection has the advantages of fast speed, strong specificity and high sensitivity, and the results can be obtained in just a few hours. Ordinary PCR experiments are more cumbersome and can only conduct qualitative analysis of target DNA; in contrast, real-time quantitative PCR can not only conduct quantitative analysis of target DNA, but the experimental steps are also simpler, more sensitive, and less susceptible to environmental contamination. Influence.

Probe method Mycoplasma felis quantitative PCR kit selects a conserved ribosomal protein The gene is used as a target and has been verified by BLAST to specifically target Mycoplasma felis and has no cross-reactivity with other biological genomes. This kit was used to detect 18 kinds of mycoplasma. Only Mycoplasma felis can produce specific signals, and no cross-reaction occurred in the rest. 100 cat conjunctival swab samples were tested and 35 positive results were obtained, which is more accurate than the ordinary PCR method.







1, 特异性检测猫支原体,与其他生物基因组无交叉反应。

2, 灵敏度高,最低检测极限为反应液中<10个拷贝。

3, 使用的DNA聚合酶具有抗抑制能力强和热稳定性好的特点;采用热启动方式,可抑制非特异性扩增,降低背景荧光。

4, 带有阳性对照样品(组分C),可用于检验试剂盒有效性。

5, 带有UDG酶和dUTP,可降低残留DNA的污染。


有多种支原体可以寄生于猫,根据是否感染红细胞,可以区分为嗜血和非嗜血型两类。感染呼吸道的属于非嗜血类,其中最重要的是猫支原体(Mycoplasma Felis)。猫支原体对猫和马都可致病,可以引起猫的脓性结膜炎、上呼吸道感染、关节炎,并且与下呼吸道疾病、溃疡性角膜炎、慢性鼻窦炎有关。在健康猫的眼拭子中很少发现猫支原体,但是在将其接种使猫患结膜炎后,则在眼拭子中普遍存在。健康猫的支气管肺泡灌洗液中没有猫支原体,其作为正常菌群存在于大约三分之一的猫的口咽部;在收容猫当中,口咽部拭子中的猫支原体则与上呼吸道感染有关。






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