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Bilirubin Oxidase/ Bilirubin:oxygen Oxidoreductase
Bilirubin Oxidase/ Bilirubin:oxygen Oxidoreductase
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Chinese Name 胆红素氧化酶
Price 264/250U
Storage -20 ℃
Validity 2 Years
Cas No. 80619-01-8
Titer ≥ 5 U/mg
Source Extraction from Bacillus



Enzyme Commission number: EC
Appearance: light blue frozen dried powder
Source: microorganism
Live: ≥ 5 u/mg
enzyme activity definition: in it inUnder the condition of PH8.0 and a temperature of 25 ° C, 1UNIT can catalyze 1 μmol bilirubin per minute to generate bilirubin.
Molecular quantity: 61 kda (SDS-PAGE)
Electric point: 5.2
Michael constant: 1.2 × 10-4m (bilirubin, pH 8.0)
The most suitable pH: 7.5
Most MostActive temperature: 37 ℃
pH stability: 7.5 ~ 10.5 (25 ℃, 18HR)
Temperature stability: \u0026 lt; 50 ℃ (pH7.0, 30min)
Inhibitors: nan3, KCN [123]

Storage temperature: -20 ℃

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